Compendium: "...a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. A compendium may summarize a larger work..."

Compendium is a Quest, Deed, Crafting and Item database Addon for Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). It is meant to supplement the leveling process by making finding of quests, mobs, and items easier.

Not sure what the prerequisites to a quest chain are? Not sure where to go for quests that are near your level? Looking for direction on a quest that is elluding you? Through the in-game Compendium window, users can search and filter for quests and easily access information. No more alt tabbing!

Item database with over 50,000+ items!

Crafting database with 2900+ recipes!

Deed database with 1100+ deeds!

The long-term vision is to have the player base of Lotro submit content for Compendium in the way of corrections, comments, coordinates, missing information, etc. In future releases, there will be a method for players to submit these changes.

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  • LoTRO Plugin Compendium : a windows application that helps you find, install, and update your LoTRO plugins. Using plugins has never been as easy as it is now!

1.7.8-beta Release

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Features/Changes (since 1.7.4-beta version):

  • Fixed bug where quest chain (arc) filter in quest details was not working (for past 2 releases)
  • Fixed bugs with tabs, scrollbars, and pagination that were introduced with Rohan changes.
  • Ability to select or unselect progression status for all deeds or quests that are currently filtered
  • fixed problem with some tab settings getting loaded incorrectly for DE & FR clients.
  • fixed bug where items were not showing which recipe or quest they came from
  • added item quickslots for items seen in item compendium. This allows you to hover and compare items with those equipped.
  • setting to turn on / off item quickslots for item compendium.
  • fixed bug with existing quickslots so they aren't overwritten (thanks Garan)
  • added Compendium icon to plugin manager

Upcoming Features Releases

Near Future:

  • Better source of quest & deed data
  • Content Submission


  • Analyse inventory & check if item exists in Compendium
  • More complex filters / display options (i.e. show me quests that don't require prereqs)
  • NPC/Mob Compendium

Back Burner:
(require changes to LOTRO Api)

  • Integration with Quest Log

1.7.4-beta Release


Features/Changes (since 1.7.2-beta version):

  • update item compendium to over 50k items
  • fixed a lot of discrepencies in item data
  • improved data compression of item data
  • updated raid loot tables
  • new filter to show "dead" items no longer in lorebook
  • integration with Waypoint plugin
  • auto-detection of LoTRO client, and adjust slash commands accordingly
  • adding user submitted German translation data
  • add button for reloading compendium inside of ui
  • F12 now hides compendium

1.7.2-beta Release


Features/Changes (since 1.6.3-beta version):

  • Items updated to include those introduced with the Rise of Isengard
  • Crafting recipies updated to include those introduced with the Rise of Isengard
  • Filters tweaked to support new item levels, tiers, and categories.
  • adding progression tracking for deeds and quests
  • adding help, show, and hide command line options
  • adding version display upon load
  • adding filtering for quest & deed progression
  • changing filters so you can filter by light, medium, and heavy regardless of armor slot
  • added option to shut off use of icon
  • added option to use mini icon

1.6.3-beta Release


Features/Changes (since 1.6-beta version):

  • Adding item set information & filters to item compendium
  • hotpatch to fix filter bug in item compendium
  • Player submission of officer and advice chat channel to item linking menu (thanks Egowelt)
  • Added raid and dungeon loot information & filters to item compendium (work in progress)
  • Added pvp filter to item compendium (work in progress)
  • Updated data to item, quest, deed, and crafting compendiums
  • Fixed bug where quest & deed rewards were not showing up in UI
  • Changed search to do a full "contains" search of UI
  • Fixed bug where using large font setting caused item compendium text to get cut-off when it wrapped.

1.6-beta Release



  • implementing resource bundles support for internationalizing (please message me if you can help translate)
  • added patch for eu client save / load bug
  • option for changing quest, deed, and item text size
  • added user chat 1,2,3,4 to item linking menus

1.5-beta Release


In this release, We released first version of Deed compendium.


  • Deed compendium with 1100+ deeds
  • Bug fixes in coordinate collection
  • Settings window to shut off compendium components
  • Added auto fading window capability & setting
  • Minor visual improvements to pagination control
  • <ESC> auto-hides Compendium window

1.4-beta Release


In this release, there are 3 notable changes. Quest compendium had a major overhaul, First steps were made toward allowing users to add new content, and all databases were updated with latest data (as of Update 2: Echos of the Dead)


  • quest compendium redesign
  • added more filtering capabilities to narrow down quests
  • added more data elements to quest database (objectives, bestower, misc reward types)
  • added ability to annotate quests with your own comments/notes & custom coordinates
  • prepopulated quest db with quest comments. (In future you can submit your own to be included)
  • Quest, Items, and Crafting data brought up to date with latest information from Update 2: Echos of the Dead!
  • Added extension API for incorporating other addons into compendium. (see details below)
  • Filter added to item compendium to filter for legendary items.
  • Fixed quest chain bug, prereq/next quests were swapped! (why didn't anyone say anything? :P)
  • Fixed quest reward bug. (wasn't showing all items a person could obtain or select from)
  • Bug fixes to Tab Control, Autosizing label, and DB Cursor library.

1.3-beta Release


This release was a big one. The big thing to note in this release is the addition of the Crafting Compendium. I tried very hard to meet many of the requests sent my way. If you do not see an improvement in this release, please do not give up. We'll get there! :)


  • Adding crafting compendium with 3300+ recipes, their mats, what they produce
  • Full filtering/searching on crafting compendium to easily find items to make
  • implemented resizing of window
  • Adding missing menu row to link items to fellowship channel
  • persist the active tab between loads
  • included 'Quest Reward' and 'Craftable' to item compendium categories for item
  • display which quest and which recipe quest or crafted items are from in item compendium
  • added filters for item compendium for quest rewards & craftable items
  • text changes to quest compendium to better identify monster quests & quest chains
  • compressed databases better for smaller memory footprint
  • add better memory management when ui is cleaned up between loads (clean up stay references & events)
  • Centralized version info in UI, and pull from central plugin definition file
  • Autosizing label utility
  • created tabs control for easy adding of new tabs
  • general code refactoring & cleanup for reuse
  • fixed global package naming conflict bug

1.2-beta Release


In this release we build upon the last release by enhancing Item Compendium.


  • Compendium window state persists between loads.
  • Level range filters added on Item Compendium
  • Jewellery type filters added on Item Compendium
  • Right click context menu for linking compendium item to chat (limited by API on what is allowed)

1.1-beta Release
Screenshot 2


In this release we introduce the second compendium for beta. The item compendium. It took a while, but I hope the wait was rewarding.


  • Tabbed layout
  • Shortcut icon that can toggle compendium window & be dragged to anywhere on lotro screen
  • Persist window & shortcut location between play sessions
  • Font size adjustments to fit quest data in UI better
  • Added initial compendium item database (39000+ items)
  • Extensive filtering added to item database
  • Pagination of item data to view more data w/o need of filters

1.0.1-beta Release


This is a small patch release.


  • Clickable rewarded items in quest details
  • Fixed several typos & discrepancies in the zone dropdown menu
  • Normalized zone & area data in zone dropdown to more easily find

1.0-beta Release


This is the first release of Compendium for download. It contains only the Quest module of compendium.


  • 3000+ quests up to date as of 2/12/2011
  • Filter by zone, level range, or quest arc
  • Search for quests by name
  • Can navigate quest progression or prerequisites after pulling up a quest
  • View coordinates of named mobs/npcs, or other points of interest
  • Quests are colored in relation players level
  • Rewarded items, reputation, and money shown for quests